• Definitely Dead (2012)

 Definitely Dead (2012) - Dark funny film similiar to Coen Bros

Definitely Dead tells the tale of Lex, a young woman making her weary way through life as a saloon whore in the small town of Dead's End. One morning though, she wakes up next to an elderly costumer who has passed away during the night leaving her a heap of trouble. Soon her colleague and rival Nellie enters the stage, with anything but the best intentions. Tensions build and betrayal is in the air, but as a complications arise, the two girls face a choice: They must find a way of standing strong together or die alone.

Jonas Kvist Jensen is a director and writer, known for Definitely Dead (2012), Brutal Incasso (2005) and Piraten under sengen (2004). He is a writer and director of numerous short films, as well as a two low budget features, and an established presence in the film underground of Aarhus. Also a notorious DIY artist and a co-owner of LoneTower Visuals.

Directed by Jonas Kvist Jensen. Starring: Maja Muhlack, Katrine Beck Ibsen, Mads Koudal